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Who is Brianna Kelly?

Brianna Kelly is the protagonist in my new paranormal mystery series. At 5'6" tall, she's inherited her mother, Olivia's, curves and Mediterranean complexion, and her father, Sean's, dark auburn hair and emerald green eyes.

All the females on her mother's side of the family can see and hear ghosts. However, Brianna has been blessed with the additional gift of Clairsentience, the ability to perceive emotional or psychic energy. The power comes from her great-grandmother, who is rumored to be an Irish Fairy.

Brianna feels her psychic gifts are a blessing and a curse. Her calling and privilege are to help earthbound spirits cross over and complete their spiritual journey. Seeing these lost souls go to the light gives her great joy.

On the other hand, Brianna has suffered much emotional pain due to her gifts. Sean divorced Olivia when she was two because he couldn't tolerate the "psychic mumbo-jumbo." It went against his logical, electrical-engineering mind. So he paid child support but emotionally abandoned Brianna.

When Brianna was five, she told her best friend about the ghost floating in the corner of her room. The girl told her classmates, who ostracized her from that day forward and called her names.

Brianna learned as an adult to carefully choose her friends, but dating was still an issue. When a man discovered her talents, he'd either run or demand a seance on the spot. Things changed when she met Chris Harrington. Who is he? Read Murder in the Churchyard to find out.


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