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Who is Detective Ryan Roberts in DEADLY COMPULSION

Ryan Roberts is a fictional detective in the Homicide Division of the Huntsville Police Department. He graduated with honors from the University of Alabama in Huntsville with a Criminal Justice degree.

Tall with mischievous blue eyes and dark brown wavy hair, he borders on ruggedly handsome. His build is wiry, yet well muscled, and he has a backside women want to squeeze.

Charlie Stone's friend, Marti, has created a number of fun nicknames to describe him, including Detective Hottie, Detective Tingle, Detective Polo Cologne, and Detective Buns of Steel.

Ryan fell for Charlie the moment he saw her, amused at her willingness to take on the muscle-bound Officer No-Neck Jackson, who was being sexist and inappropriate. Rather than see her wade into him, Ryan intervened on her behalf. In fact, he finds that he feels compelled to protect Charlie at all costs.

Ryan comes from a stable family. His parents and two younger sisters live in Birmingham, Alabama, and his older brother resides in Savannah, Georgia. He currently lives in Huntsville and owns his own home.

Will Ryan win the heart of the lovely Charlie Stone or will she continue to rebuff him? You'll have to read the book to find out.

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