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Dedications in Books

I have a habit when reading a new book to look for the dedication. Before I began writing, I looked because I was curious. Now, I’m more curious because I understand that a dedication is truly an honor. Most books take six months to a year of labor to produce. Creating a plot and writing believable characters is a skill learned and practiced. Then, there are the endless rewrites. By the time an author has a book ready to go to print, the words on those pages are his or her creation, and each of those characters hold a place in his or her heart.

I don’t make my dedications without careful thought because they mean something to me.

If you have a copy of my books, check out the dedication pages.

For example, the dedication in Stop the Craziness: Simple Life Solutions reads, “This book is dedicated to all my former patients who over many years trusted me with their secrets, emotional pain, and trauma. I did my best to guide them. They taught me so much and were the inspiration for this book. I hope the solutions these patients inspired will encourage and help others, thereby passing on their legacy of healing….” This was an important book to me, so I became rather long-winded with a three-paragraph dedication.

The dedication for my most current book is to a friend, Ronald R. Moore, who is no longer with us. When I think of Ron, I think of the words, service and sarcastic humor. Ron not only served his country in the military, but he helped, neighbors, friends, and anyone in need. He is missed and deserved the dedication in Murder in the Cemetery.


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