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Stop the Craziness

I'm often asked, why did I write Stop the Craziness: Simple Life Solutions.

My client's asked me to write a self-help book that included much of the helpful information I shared with them in therapy. They were disenchanted with many books of this nature that spent hundreds of pages describing the problem, but offered no solutions. The idea intrigued me, since I had a strong desire to share my knowledge and skills with a wider audience through speaking and writing.

I asked my client's what they wanted this book to be like. They made the following suggestions.

1. Give ideas on how to improve life that are easy and make sense.

2. Write it in understandable English, not "psychologese."

3. Make it fun to read.

4. Give examples, but don't go on and on about it.

5. Highlight the important points so I can go back and review the ideas.

6. Make the chapters short.

7. Cover the rules of life that should have been learned in a healthy family environment.

With these guidelines I wrote the book. I even included Diva Pookie Boop cartoons. (My cat, Pookie, wanted in on the action:)

I plan to write smaller helpful books. I think my next one to be published on Amazon will be Five Steps to Better Confidence. If you can think of a better title or other subjects you want a book about, let me know.

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