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Deadly Obsession

The Marksman is seemingly targeting random victims to kill. Dr. Stone finds herself in a race for time as she deciphers the pattern in an attempt to stop him.

Deadly Obsession

Deadly Lessons is a Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Award finalist.

Book 3 in the The Charlie Stone Crime Thriller Series

FBI-trained profiler Dr. Charlene “Charlie” Stone is in double trouble as she works to help apprehend a fiendish serial sniper known as the Marksman, while at the same time trying to discover who is leaving threatening notes on her windshield. Is it the Marksman? A former patient? Or is her lover, Detective Ryan Roberts, trying to scare her into moving in with him? The situation becomes more complicated when the stalker kidnaps Charlie’s friend and business partner, Marti Hathoway, in an attempt to lure Charlie into his trap. Matters turn even deadlier when the Marksman takes aim at Charlie. Can she save Marti, identify her stalker, stop the Marksman, and survive?

"Shirley Garrett uses her professional expertise to great advantage in Deadly Obsession, crafting a page-turning mystery as well as a memorable series character in Dr. Charlene Stone. In her capacity as a criminal profiler and Alabama police consultant, "Charlie" Stone proves herself to be as compelling as she is capable when she finds herself at the center of a case that is both shocking and riveting, in which the self-described "Marksman" has declared open-season on the citizens of Huntsville. Author Shirley Garrett wratchets the psychological tension to the breaking point. This one will keep you reading late into the night."

---Baron R. Birtcher, LA TIMES Bestselling author of literary thrillers

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